Whether you are glued to every single game, only watch England play or your knowledge is limited to the office sweepstake emails being pinged about (my team are out already,) football fever has swept the nation once again.

Football has always been beloved in the UK and is still the most popular team sport and participation has now spread further than just a bunch of lads playing Sunday league. Popularity of football among girls in particular has been steadily increasing and the 2016 FA Girls’ Football Week had a record 130,000 participants at 1,485 events around the country. Keep an eye out on the Active Rother website for events encouraging girls participation in sport.

Regardless of your age the benefits of taking part in team sport should not be underestimated. Exercise generally can combat depression and being part of a team can make you attend even when you might not feel like it. Being part of a sports team helps tackle loneliness and boosts long-term happiness.

If you feel that you may be a little long in the tooth to get back out on the pitch then Walking Football could be the activity for you. This slightly slower paced and non-contact version of the beautiful game is aimed at the slightly older player who still wants to keep up a healthy, active lifestyle. Find out more about sessions on the Activities page



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