A recent study funded by the British Heart Foundation, showed that even light activity goes a long way to making you fitter and healthier in older age, so in turn will help you live longer.

Currently the recommend target from the Department of Health is 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, 30 minutes at a time. However, this study suggests that it doesn’t necessarily matter how long each bout of activity is, as long as you are meeting the 150 minute target.

‘Light activity’ could include a spot of gardening or a quick stroll with your pet pooch. This will make physical activity goals far more achievable for older adults, who may not be able to manage 30 minutes at a time, Proving that even the smallest activities add up.

Whilst the study does suggests that even a few minutes of exercise is enough, it also shows that the more active people are, the better. It also confirms how important it is to stay active in older age.

This study is a huge positive for those that can’t do anything too vigorous though, as gentle activity of any duration may improve your health and wellbeing and increase you chance of living longer.

Interested in trying something different and meeting some new friends whilst trying to stay active? Health Walks, Music, Movements and Memories and Healthy Living Clubs are just a few of the classes’ suited to older people trying to keep up a healthy and active lifestyle. Visit the Active Rother website for more details on these and other classes available.


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